8Quanta Recognized by NetSuite as Winter 2024 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner

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We are excited to share that Oracle NetSuite has named 8Quanta a Winter 2024 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner for the work on SuiteCommerce for Grandwest Enterprises. NetSuite’s Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards recognize leading partners for their demonstrated success in implementing NetSuite and their outstanding work with customers.

The NetSuite Alliance Partner program provides business consulting services, as well as integration and implementation services, that help customers get even more value from NetSuite. Alliance Partners are experts in their field and have a deep and unique understanding of NetSuite solutions.

It’s a moment of celebration at 8Quanta! 

Winning the prestigious Winter 2024 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award from Oracle NetSuite is a recognition of our unyielding commitment to creating dynamic, scalable, and efficient e-commerce solutions with SuiteCommerce. 

Our partnership with Grandwest Enterprises stands as a paragon of how SuiteCommerce can be transformed into a bespoke e-commerce solution that is both innovative and intuitive.

Our efforts with Grandwest Enterprises have been centered on addressing their unique e-commerce challenges through SuiteCommerce. By focusing on practical solutions and enhancements, we’ve aimed to streamline their online platform, making it more efficient and user-friendly for their specific needs. This targeted approach has allowed us to support Grandwest in achieving their e-commerce objectives effectively.

This is not only a recognition of our achievements, but also of our philosophy of partnership and progress.

8Q Team

We are honored to have our efforts recognized! We’re thrilled to bits, honestly! Being recognized by NetSuite? It’s like the universe telling us, “Hey, you’re onto something stellar here” And trust us, we’re just getting warmed up! 😉

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