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About 8QUANTA:

8Quanta is an integrative software development and consulting group that supports NetSuite users to maximize the potential of their NetSuite investments. Our NetSuite Certified specialists provide end-to-end services your company needs: implementations, customizations, support, training and third-party platform integrations.

Our Strategy:

  • NetSuite Certified Team Members 
  • We specialize in 100% cloud-based business applications, strategic consulting services, application development, and coding.
  • Our team of Guides and Developers is committed to ensuring that every project you rely on to manage your business runs smoothly.
  • We are constantly creating new opportunities to enhance our service offerings, consulting services, and support so you realize measurable and impactful results.
  • We are committed to building and sustaining a long-term relationship with our clients to ensure their success.

What Moves Us:

Our Purpose

To build financial independence in the world and support companies who are seeking to improve their business.

Our Vision

Worldwide connections between people via financial transactions and currencies exchange.

Our Mission

To use Oracle NetSuite and all currencies to connect the world with the freedom of buying and selling anywhere at anytime.

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  • Christ-based Faith/Prayer
  • Certainty
  • Health and Balance
  • Knowledge/technology
  • Team leverage
  • Dependability
  • Clear Communication
  • Integrity
  • Service

In today’s culture of disposable relationships and the belief that cheaper is better, 8QUANTA provides an environment where people are valued and long-lasting relationships are prioritized. We believe that genuine relationships take work and commitment. That is why we operate our business from the formula:

H+H=C, Honesty + Humility = Certainty.
We take time to understand and appreciate the actual needs of our prospective clients and their desired outcomes. Our company always puts your best interests ahead of our own.

We can assure you that our strength and passion come from building a solid connection with our clients and taking responsibility for their well-being. This approach leads to lively conversations, honest discussions, and the development of a long-term friendship that results in complete trust and satisfaction.

8QUANTA’s office is located near DFW airport.  Our second office is located near Phoenix, AZ airport.

We are doing business primarily online, so all our developers, producers, managers, and consultants remotely work globally anywhere they choose. Our consultants are located in US states Arizona, California, Kansas, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

We also have software developers in UAE which enables us to operate seamless business development, service, and communications across time zones nearly 24 hours per day.  We use that advantage to visit our clients all over North America regularly. We believe people do business with people. Relationships and confidence are built by connection.

Our team is dedicated to being on-site with our clients discovering cloud applications and integrative services. These days, everyone is concerned with security. We were early adopters of the 2-factor authentication. When it comes to performance, we believe speed is money. Our goal for your business is to help you make money while ensuring your human resources are loving life.

With more than 75 years of experience in business enterprise solutions, including Microsoft, Apple, Java, HP, Sage, and others, our team provides us with a unique opportunity to serve these businesses. We have been business owners in the same areas we now service. We offer the “been there, done that” voice.

We promise to use our coding skills to develop some of the most advanced features for NetSuite.

The current Cloud ERP, CRM, WMS, e-Commerce Software Market has changed! We are in a new world after COVID and dramatic changes in the way we do business. Supply Chain has been impacted. Stores are no longer the primary way we buy products.

Our proposed objective is to use the sudden and dramatic impact of the pandemic and likely prolonged economic recession and the powerful application of NetSuite software to extend customers into digitally delivered New NetSuite B2B and B2C experiences.

We propose taking NetSuite Financial Services inside ERP, SCA, WMS, CRM, and Supply Chain and building financial independence for the world. We plan to offer technology to shorten the sales cycle, improve the close rate, improve sales frequency, and drive revenue growth. In other words, we’re not just looking to build a car for our customers. We’re aiming to help them win the Le Mann’s!

The problem is that most companies do not understand the Cloud and all the additional features of cloud-based ERP solutions. They do not understand the automation of Credit Card Payments or inbound payments, automation of Expense Payments, or outbound payments. They do not understand multi-currency and FX exchange rates and Digital Currencies. All these products and services exist inside NetSuite.

Next, and of equal importance, is the rapid adoption of cloud-based ERP solutions by new companies. This creates a huge demand for answers and solutions from all these companies moving from on-premises to cloud-based ERP systems. Our future clients need expertise in communicating with “C” level executives and creating confidence in NetSuite One World ERP through our years of solution design.

In conclusion, we believe in our talents and hard work and expect our efforts to be profitable for our customers and us.

However, we also believe that 8QUANTA needs God’s blessing and guidance. We acknowledge that we have been blessed by God and His Son Jesus and remain committed to His Service.


At the foundation of every strong business, is a team that is dedicated and passionate about their work!



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