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We are an integrative software developer and consulting firm
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Certainty over uncertainty always defines reality!

- Gerald Hines, CEO of 8QUANTA​

Serve & Support

We support NetSuite users to maximize the potential of their NetSuite Investment.

We serve more than 164 companies in these major industry verticals:

What we do

8QUANTA specializes in 100% cloud-based business application - NetSuite. We offer consulting, development, and coding services.

We are constantly creating new ways to enhance our services. Our NetSuite guidance and support will help you gain measurable and impactful results.

We are committed to building and sustaining a long-term relationship with our clients to ensure their long lasting success.

Why we do it

We want our customers to flourish and get the most out of their NetSuite investments.

We are passionate about making Users experience in NetSuite easier and faster.

We operate from the belief that "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care".

We do care, simply because we thrive when our customers prosper!

What Moves Us

Our Purpose

To help businesses that use NetSuite to optimize their daily operations and to automate everything that can be automated. 

Our Vision

We believe in efficiency and quality work. We want to positively transform 5,000 companies using NetSuite by  the end of 2030.

Our Mission

To bring knowledge and represent the Creator God’s power in business world. 

Our Core Values

Christ Based Faith

We make sure to always give God our Creator the glory, He is our source, our North Star and our boss. Everything we do in business we do in humility and fear of the Lord.


We know that «Certainty over uncertainty always defines reality!» Our extensive expertise in Cloud-based applications made possible for us to determine your «future» state outcome.

Healthy Balance

We believe that a healthy balance between the work life and personal life is essential to individual and team output.

Knowledge / Technology

We know that staying up to date and move along with technology is critical to the quality of work we do. We commit to constant learning and expanding our knowledge.


We strive to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We value honesty, transparency and a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, partners, teammates and company.

Team leverage

We value a strong and healthy teamwork. It help us to continually grow and change to adapt to situations and challenges that arise.


We care about providing a meaningful and quality experience to the clients we serve and support.


We make efforts to get the job done, no matter what obstacles are on our way. Every project teaches us to examine what we can and can’t do, so our clients will know exactly what to expect.

Our Culture


In today’s culture of disposable relationships and the belief that cheaper is better, 8QUANTA provides an environment where people are valued and long-lasting relationships are prioritized. We believe that genuine relationships take work and commitment. That is why we operate our business from the formula:

H+H=C (Honesty + Humility = Certainty)

We take time to understand and appreciate the actual needs of our prospective clients and their desired outcomes. Our company always puts your best interests ahead of our own.

We can assure you that our strength and passion come from building a solid connection with our clients and taking responsibility for their well-being.

Our Location

8QUANTA headquarters is located near DFW airport.  Our second office is located near Phoenix, AZ airport.

We are doing business primarily online, so all our developers, guides, managers, and coordinators  work remotely, from anywhere they choose. Our NetSuite guides are based in US states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

We have software developers in UAE and Philippines that enables us to provide seamless business development service, and communications across different time zones nearly 24 hours per day.  We regularly use that advantage to visit our clients all over North America. We believe people do business with people. Relationships and confidence are built by connection.

Our Promise

Our team is dedicated to being on-site with our clients discovering cloud applications and integrative services. These days, everyone is concerned with security. We were early adopters of the 2-factor authentication.   When it comes to performance, we believe speed is money. Our goal for your business is to help you make money while ensuring your personnel are loving life.

More than 75 years of combined experience in business enterprise solutions (such as Microsoft, Apple, Java, HP, Sage, and others) gives our team a unique advantage in helping businesses that use the Cloud. We have been business owners in the same areas we now serve. We’ve got the “been there, done that” attitude.

We promise to use our coding skills to develop the most advanced features for Oracle NetSuite ERP.  NetSuite Optimization and Automation of your business processes, if done by 8QUANTA, guarantees your growth.

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