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8Q Signature Capture

Now Bundled with 8Q Live Sign!

From sales contracts and estimates to time sheets and invoices,
Signature Capture is the world’s #1 way to sign and send
NetSuite records from practically anywhere at any time!

8QUANTA's Signature Capture Solution for NetSuite:

Signing a paper-based form and scanning it into your system defines a signature capture. However, with the correct signature capture software, you may capture an electronic signature straight on the web-based form, eliminating even another inconvenient step from your workflow.

  • Get remote work done quickly and easily!
  • 8Q Signature Capture is the world’s #1 way to sign and send NetSuite records from anywhere at any time.
  • From signing sales contracts and estimates to timesheets and invoices, 8Q Signature Capture solution for NetSuite users is your best choice.

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8Q Signature Capture?

8Q Signature Capture Features:

Core Features WITHIN Netsuite:

  • Both typed and signed
  • Any advanced PDF form that the customer signs are PROOF of DELIVERY
  • Capture location, date and time of the signing process
  • Ability to remove the last stroke or redo the Signature
  • Ability to save the document to sign later
  • Capture Customers and drivers comments
  • Sign from any device – iPad, Phone, Laptop

Remote Signing WITHOUT NetSuite Login:

  • Access to NetSuite from anywhere in the world Without a NetSuite login
  • Access to documents from a downloaded Excel spreadsheet
  • Email the Signed Document to multiple recipients
  • Select from the NetSuite contact list
  • Send to Multiple email addresses in addition to the company’s contact list
  • Take and upload photos of your records and delivery
  • All CORE FEATURES from within NetSuite

8Q Live Sign

8Q Live Sign is an all-in-one solution for digital signature capture. Gather signatures simultaneously while recording data that adds credibility to your documents, including GPS Location, Date, and Time Stamp.

8QUANTA's Live Signature Solution for NetSuite:

Easily manage accessibility and organization by storing your important documents directly within NetSuite. 8Q LS works with any PDF uploaded into the system, not just NetSuite native documents.

  • Simultaneously capture up to 8 signatures
  • Record crucial data to prove fulfillment and authenticity of delivery
  • Free limitations by attaching signature fields to non-native NetSuite PDF Documents

Interested In Learning More About 8Q Live Sign?

8Q Live Sign Features:

Feature List:

  • Real Time Signature Recording
  • Allows 8 Simultaneous Signatures
  • Records Location, Date, & Time
  • Attach to ANY PDF Document
  • Store Signed Records within NetSuite
  • Signatures Do Not Require NetSuite Sign-In
  • Can Append Signature Sheet to PDF or Sign Separately
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