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8Q Email Automation & Dunning

Automate your transaction-based communication with Clients, Employees, Partners and Vendors!

8QUANTA's Email Automation & Dunning Solution for NetSuite:

8Q EA & Dunning allows you to organize and customize your communication within your organization or with your clients. Streamline your contact workflow by creating automation triggers to be sent to your personalized Email Groups. 8Q EA & Dunning operates seamlessly within NetSuite, allowing for complete control of your processes within one application.

  • Separate contact lists for Clients, Employees, Partners & Vendors
  • Create different lists for each category, I.E. Billing & Sales Lists for Employees
  • Send emails to selected mailing lists for any transactions with the press of a button
  • Eliminate identical manual tasks
  • Maximize productivity and save time

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8Q Email Automation & Dunning?

8Q Email Automation & Dunning Features:

How it Works:

  • Customers, Employees, Partners & Vendors are added to their respective email lists
  • Create the transaction record, select the mailing lists & any extra contacts that should receive the transaction
  • Customize the email to your heart’s content, or use pre-built templates that you can create and customize
  • Once you hit the save button, the email gets sent with the PDF document for the transaction included!
  • Track Past Due Statuses of Clients & Control Responses
  • Automate Dunning Protocols Set to User Preference
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