8Q Payments

Our 8Q Payments solutions are customized modules built on an integrated suite of applications.
We commit to spending the necessary discovery time with you to understand your business and to insure we’re starting with a blueprint for your current needs and budget with a plan that adapts to your growth and market conditions.

In-store payments

Start taking EMV with our In-Store solution that is fully customizable to each merchants unique needs.

Online payments

Our e-commerce solutions are built with evrey merchant in mind from our integrated iFields solutions to our hosted paymentSITE

Mobile payments

8Q Payments's mobile payment solution is seamless, fast and secure. From card-present to mobile wallet support, integrating your mobile software with 8Q Payments is not only cutting-edge, but the most rewarding as well.

Increase your expectations

The experience of some of even the largest customers of payment processing services is that it’s heavily weighted to sales and onboarding is a “set if and forget it” encounter. Not long after the sale is completed and the customer success rep has set up the account, you’re realize the “forget it” part left you wondering why you switched.

8Q Payments wants you to increase your expectations. From the discovery process where a subject matter expert learns about the pain points in your payment processing to the design of a fully integrated solution we deliver and continuously deploy customized improvements to your payment processing.

Recurring payments

Allow users to choose installments by selecting frequency and length, and 8Q Payments will automatically charge the recurring payments at the scheduled time, There is no need to preicreate plans so you have complete flexibility.

Gift cards

Process gift cards with ease with our powerful gift card solution. We can even seamlessly migrate gift cards from 3rd party platforms so that existing card balances will remain active.

Card updater

Our card updater feature, in conjunction with tokenization. automatically keeps credit cards in our vault updated, so subsequent transactions are not declined.

Guaranteed Yes/No fraud decisions

Unlike otherfraud tools that provide scores. simple Yes/No decisions are given and all approvals are guaranteed.


We have developed a true tokenization system that does not Simply encrypt sensrtive data, but assigns a unique ID for each transaction.

Intelligent routing

Described by an industry leader as“magical, we perform over a dozen checks and route the transaction accordingly.

EMV Ready

EMV chip-cards feature an added layer of security to greatly reduce fraud chargebackst Join 8Q Paymentss EMV program and get our simple integration kit, plus processing discounts and perks.

Intelligent Routing

At the core of 8Q Payments is our routing engine which is a set of features that runs circles around traditional gateways Described by an industry leader as "magical." we perform over a dozen checks and route transaction accordingly.

Validated P2PE

8Q Payments’s validated P2PE solution encrypts data from the point of interaction until it reaches 8Q Payments. A combination of secure devices, applications, and processes make transactions completely secure.

PCI Simplified

Every merchant’s fear is the lengthy process to become PCI compliantt With 8Q Payments, since your system never touches actual credit card data, so you are instantly covered with end-to-end Level I PCI-DSS , no strings attached.

Real tokenization

8Q Payments developed a true tokenization system that does not simply encrypt sensitive data, but assigns a unique identifier for each transaction Every time a transaction is received, all payment card and personal data is stored in our vault, and a token is sent to your system That token can be used to invoke future transactions without the card details being sent each time.

Amex next-day funding

When using ourfullastack payments, we can route transactions based on each processing platforms cutoff time, ensuring next day funding on all credit cards, including American Express There is no more need for multiple terminals.

Online Fraud Protection

This is not your basic fraud tool! Transactions are scanned and rated in milliseconds, but unlike other fraud tools that provide confusing scores, we give you simple Yes/No decisions are given and all approvals are guaranteed. if a transaction is approved and is subsequently charged back for fraud, all losses are covered.

Card Updater

Ourcard updater feature, in conjunction with tokenization, automatically keeps credit cards in our vault updated, so subsequent transactions are not declined.

Gift Cards

Process gift cards with ease using our powerful gift card solution. We can even seamlessly migrate gift cards from third-party platforms so existing card balances will remain active.

Single Terminal Processing

Process all payment cards from one terminal, including credit card,EBT, PIN(Personal Identification Number)debit, and gift cards, 8Q Payments detects the card type and routes it accordingly.

3D Secure

3D Secure 2/0 technology is a fraud prevention solution tying the merchant, issuing bank, and Visa/Mastercard into a collective solution that is the most secure solution for online transactions available, 3D Secure 2.0 integration is included with 8Q Payments out of the box.

World of Features

Payment processing is so much more than swiping a credit card. A feature rich solution for payments can improve the customer experience enough to make them remember you and come back for more.

Some of the features listed below didn’t even exist a few years ago but they were all designed to help you acquire and retain priceless customer relationships. We are constantly staying abreast of the latest features being developed in payment processing and we are deploying all the assets in NetSuite to develop new features that make your customers raving fans.

ACH Processing

Get full integration with ACH check processing, from the merchant console user interface or through third-party software programs

Gateway Emulation

Use 8Q Payments with thousands of web sites and applications that are configured for many popular gateways, even if they do not directly support 8Q Payments.

Pin Debit

Fullifeatured debit card processing, including secure PIN debit, which results in the lowest processing fees.

AVS Precheck

Precheck AVS (Address Verification System) response occurs before the authorization, so if the transaction is declined, there is no temporary hold on the customer’s card.

Void to Release & Refund

When voldingatransaction,you can set your application to force a release of the hold. After a transaction is processed,you can void and issue a refund.

Multi-token Processing

Enable cross-account tokenization to allow the same token to be used across multiple 8Q Payments accounts.

Terminal SDK

SDK for Ingenico,Verifone, Pax, plus many more terminals, making 8Q Payments integration a snap.

EMV for Browser-Based POS

8Q Payments offers an ingenious solution to enable POS systems to become EMV compatible with one quick solution.

Payment Support

Allow customers to split payments into installments to promote higher average purchase price and increase sales.

Gateway Forwarding

8Q Payments enables merchants who wish to benefit from FraudCheck and other pre-processing checks, and then forward the processing to a third-party gateway.

Decline Re-routing

Some processors are stricter than others when issuing declines. 8Q Payments can be configured to try an alternate processor if the transaction initially declines.

Custom Requests

Many of ourfeatures have come about from close integration with POS systems. if you have a custom request or configuration, just ask us!